What are the benefits of mobile massage?

Mobile massage takes traditional massage to the next level. By utilizing portable equipment, it brings the luxury of a massage directly to you. Many benefits of massage are prolonged when customers are in familiar surroundings whether in their home, hotel room, or vacation rental.

Massage therapy is one of the simplest and oldest forms of healthcare. It creates an environment in the body that stimulates cellular metabolism.

Oxygen in, Waste Products Out

Allowing the Body to Heal Itself

Studies have revealed the many benefits of a regular massage:

  • Alleviates Low Back Pain and improves range of motion
  • Enhances Immunity by stimulating Lymph flow – the body’s natural defense system
  • Increases Joint Flexibility
  • Lessens Depression and Anxiety
  • Pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving Circulation.
  • Releases endorphins – Amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller.

It’s been said that up to 90% of disease is caused from some form of Stress. While trying to eliminate Stress from our daily lives is probably farfetched, Massage undoubtedly can help manage stress and anxiety. Some of the more common responses to massage are a sense of euphoria, decreased anxiety, greater energy, and overall sense of well-being.

How do I book an appointment?

Please give us a call at: (760) 567-5613  We are open from 8am-8pm daily

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and cash. Sorry, we cannot accept personal checks.

What should I expect when my therapist arrives?

We will arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Upon arrival, you will receive a business card and a brief intake form. While you are filling out the form, your therapist will set up for your massage. Before your session begins, your therapist will discuss any health-related issues, questions, or concerns you may have. Communication is key to ensuring that you have an amazing experience with us.

What do I wear during a massage?

Partial or full disrobing is recommended for your massage session. We create a very safe environment and give great attention to proper draping to keep you warm and comfortable. Feel free to speak with your therapist if you have any questions or concerns.

What if I need to cancel my appointment

We know that schedules change and things come up while on vacation. With 24 hours notice, we can usually reschedule you. If you need to make changes the day of your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you. If you must make a last minute cancellation, within two hours of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged 50% of the service price.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase gift certificates online, or by calling Sol Therapy Mobile Massage at (760) 567-5613. Let us know for what amount and where you would like it sent. We can either send it with an attractive card through the US Postal Service, or we can email a voucher if it needs to arrive at its destination quickly.

What about massage for minors?

Therapists may provide massage for minors under the age of 18 with parental consent. We ask parents to be present during the entire massage.

Should I tip the massage therapist?

As with any service related industry, tipping allows you to show your appreciation for a job well done. It is customary to tip 15 – 20%


Sol therapy mobile massage covers Palm Springs and all surrounding desert cities.
We are the perfect choice for celebrations of all kinds: Bachelorette parties, anniversaries,
couples occasions, or a long overdue get-together with friends.

Mobile Massage serving Palm Springs and surrounding areas. We bring the massage and spa experience to you.



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